Trezor Bitcoin Wallet Review

Today, we’re starting to see even more people take advantage of cryptocurrency and there’s no denying the fact that there are many advances in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Investors have been collecting more and more coins. Once you have generated a large amount of Ethereum, Bitcoin, Monero, Zcash and so on, how do you plan on keeping it protected? As you know, when technology is involved, there are hackers waiting around every digital corner. For this reason, it is important that you do all you can in order to keep your coins safe. Right now, there are numerous choices – you could go for a hardware wallet or a wallet that you can install on your phone. If you’re familiar with wallets, you can probably agree with me when I tell you that the hardware wallet is the most secure.

Not too long ago I stumbled across a hardware wallet that really stood out from the crowd – it’s the Trezor Bitcoin wallet. I could always just tell you to go out and buy it, but I believe it is only fair to give you all of the fine details of a product before it is recommended. So, today, we are going to tell you all of the juicy details we discovered about the Trezor Bitcoin Wallet …


What is the Trezor Bitcoin Wallet?

The Trezor wallet is a hardware wallet that can be connected via USB – it is capable of storing, sending and receiving your cryptocurrency. At the time of writing this review, Trezor is capable of handling Ethereum, Bitcoin, ZCash, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Dogecoin, Namecoin, Bitcoin Testnet and Dash.

There are various functions that make this wallet stand out from the crowd. The 2-step verification and password manager feature is something I really like. This wallet is also capable of connecting with other wallets like MyEtherWallet, CoPay and more, so it can also help keep your assets secure on those platforms.



Honestly, the design of the Trezor Bitcoin Wallet isn’t bad at all – it’s small and really light, which makes it easy to carry around and plug into your laptop. There’s also a small strap on it, so you can attach it to your keychain if you want.

The wallet is available in two different colours – black and white.

Being that it’s a simple design, it doesn’t attract too much attention, which helps reduce the risk of theft.

The one drawback we found with the design would be the screen being a bit too small for our liking. The small screen makes it hard to read the text. Personally, we feel that increasing the size would have been a good idea, but on the same note, we don’t mind the small size, because this is what makes it so that we can hide it anywhere.



The customizable screen is cool and we feel it gives it a nice personal touch.  Also, as I previously mentioned, the password manager is a nice addition to the device – this gives you that nice extra layer of security for your Facebook, Twitter, email and so on.  However, it may be problematic for some, because in order to access it, you’d have to connect the Trezor to your computer.



At this time, Cryptocurrency is still fairly new and is a work in progress. As time moves on, we will more than likely see many advancements in wallets. However, as of right now, when it comes to wallets, there aren’t a whole lot of good ones to choose from. So, with those thoughts in mind, we believe the Trezor Bitcoin wallet is one of the best. Is it capable of keeping your cryptos safe? It sure is. It may be a tad of an inconvenience with having to have your computer ready to use it, but it still does a fine job at keeping everything safe and for this reason, we highly recommend it to any individual that is looking for a good wallet.

You can purchase Trezoe Bitcoin Wallet here.

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