Stackable Open Air Mining Case Review

When it comes to mining cryptocurrency, you need something that you can count on – a normal old computer isn’t going to do the trick – not when you have that thing running 24/7. Typically, what you need is a gaming rig as those are equipped with top of the line hardware. However, if you really want to kick it up a notch or two, then you should go for something that was actually built for crypto mining and set it up yourself. You can buy all of the fancy hardware required and put it all together, but first you will need a good case. You’re in luck, because I recently found a stackable open air mining case that really stands out from the crowd.


Strong and Durable

The case is strong and durable, hence the reason it’s stackable. Since it’s strong, your electronic devices and graphics cards will be protected. When I look for cases to install my hardware in, I always look for those that are strong and durable just like this one.

I also look for cases that will keep my hardware cool, and that brings me to the next feature …


Wide Body Heat Dissipation Design

The wide body heat dissipation design is one of the many reasons I chose this case. With this, you don’t have to worry about your rig overheating as there will be some distance between graphics cards.



With this, you can put 5 fans, which means the cooling effect will be even more better. Take note that the fans aren’t included, just the case is included.

Additional Features:

  • 6 GPU enhances
  • Aluminum Alloy Body
  • Support ATX/MATX Motherboard
  • Support Dual PSU
  • Support Single or Dual PSU Hosting, PSU mounting Kit and Hard Drive
  • Support Up to 32CM GPU
  • Size: 365mm x 640mm x 380mm

Package Includes:

In this package, you will find the air frame. Remember, this only comes with the frame – it does not include the GPU, CPU, Fans, PSU, RAMs, Motherboards or any cables.  All of that will need to be purchased separately.


Key Points

What is pretty neat about this case would be the fact that it comes with some extra nuts and bolts. It is rare for a company to be so thoughtful to include extra nuts and bolts, and I really like it when they do.

The instructions are written in small print, but I found that they are easy to follow. Some people, however, may have some difficulty following the instructions and it may take some guesswork, but it’s really not all that complicated as long as you know what you’re doing.


If you’re looking for a good case to use, and you plan on buying the additional hardware yourself, then I believe this stackable open-air mining case is a reliable choice. It’s strong and durable and is capable of offering full protection for your electronic devices and graphics card. The widebody heat dissipation ensures that your hardware will stay cool. This means there will be plenty of room between the cards you install, so they aren’t going to run hot, even if you are mining 24/7. The stackable open-air design is great for any type of cryptocurrency mining such as Dogecoin, Litecoin, Earthcoin and so on. It is also perfect for Bitcoin ASICs. With all of those extra benefits in mind, I really don’t see why anyone that is looking for a good case wouldn’t go for this one. If you’re worried about purchasing the product only to find you don’t like it, that’s okay, because there is a one year warranty and a thirty-day return guarantee. This means you can try the product risk-free and return it for your money back.

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