Trezor Bitcoin Wallet Review


Today, we’re starting to see even more people take advantage of cryptocurrency and there’s no denying the fact that there are many advances in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Investors have been collecting more and more coins. Once you have generated a large amount of Ethereum, Bitcoin, Monero, Zcash and so on, how do you plan on keeping it protected? As you know, when technology is involved, there are hackers waiting around every digital corner. For this reason, it is important that you do all you can in order to keep your coins safe. Right now, there are numerous choices – you could go for a hardware wallet or a wallet that you can install on your phone. If you’re familiar with wallets, you can probably agree with me when I tell you that the hardware wallet is the most secure.

Not too long ago I stumbled across a hardware wallet that really stood out from the crowd – it’s the Trezor Bitcoin wallet. I could always just tell you to go out and buy it, but I believe it is only fair to give you all of the fine details of a product before it is recommended. So, today, we are going to tell you all of the juicy details we discovered about the Trezor Bitcoin Wallet …


What is the Trezor Bitcoin Wallet?

The Trezor wallet is a hardware wallet that can be connected via USB – it is capable of storing, sending and receiving your cryptocurrency. At the time of writing this review, Trezor is capable of handling Ethereum, Bitcoin, ZCash, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Dogecoin, Namecoin, Bitcoin Testnet and Dash.

There are various functions that make this wallet stand out from the crowd. The 2-step verification and password manager feature is something I really like. This wallet is also capable of connecting with other wallets like MyEtherWallet, CoPay and more, so it can also help keep your assets secure on those platforms.



Honestly, the design of the Trezor Bitcoin Wallet isn’t bad at all – it’s small and really light, which makes it easy to carry around and plug into your laptop. There’s also a small strap on it, so you can attach it to your keychain if you want.

The wallet is available in two different colours – black and white.

Being that it’s a simple design, it doesn’t attract too much attention, which helps reduce the risk of theft.

The one drawback we found with the design would be the screen being a bit too small for our liking. The small screen makes it hard to read the text. Personally, we feel that increasing the size would have been a good idea, but on the same note, we don’t mind the small size, because this is what makes it so that we can hide it anywhere.



The customizable screen is cool and we feel it gives it a nice personal touch.  Also, as I previously mentioned, the password manager is a nice addition to the device – this gives you that nice extra layer of security for your Facebook, Twitter, email and so on.  However, it may be problematic for some, because in order to access it, you’d have to connect the Trezor to your computer.



At this time, Cryptocurrency is still fairly new and is a work in progress. As time moves on, we will more than likely see many advancements in wallets. However, as of right now, when it comes to wallets, there aren’t a whole lot of good ones to choose from. So, with those thoughts in mind, we believe the Trezor Bitcoin wallet is one of the best. Is it capable of keeping your cryptos safe? It sure is. It may be a tad of an inconvenience with having to have your computer ready to use it, but it still does a fine job at keeping everything safe and for this reason, we highly recommend it to any individual that is looking for a good wallet.

You can purchase Trezoe Bitcoin Wallet here.

Stackable Open Air Mining Case Review


When it comes to mining cryptocurrency, you need something that you can count on – a normal old computer isn’t going to do the trick – not when you have that thing running 24/7. Typically, what you need is a gaming rig as those are equipped with top of the line hardware. However, if you really want to kick it up a notch or two, then you should go for something that was actually built for crypto mining and set it up yourself. You can buy all of the fancy hardware required and put it all together, but first you will need a good case. You’re in luck, because I recently found a stackable open air mining case that really stands out from the crowd.


Strong and Durable

The case is strong and durable, hence the reason it’s stackable. Since it’s strong, your electronic devices and graphics cards will be protected. When I look for cases to install my hardware in, I always look for those that are strong and durable just like this one.

I also look for cases that will keep my hardware cool, and that brings me to the next feature …


Wide Body Heat Dissipation Design

The wide body heat dissipation design is one of the many reasons I chose this case. With this, you don’t have to worry about your rig overheating as there will be some distance between graphics cards.



With this, you can put 5 fans, which means the cooling effect will be even more better. Take note that the fans aren’t included, just the case is included.

Additional Features:

  • 6 GPU enhances
  • Aluminum Alloy Body
  • Support ATX/MATX Motherboard
  • Support Dual PSU
  • Support Single or Dual PSU Hosting, PSU mounting Kit and Hard Drive
  • Support Up to 32CM GPU
  • Size: 365mm x 640mm x 380mm

Package Includes:

In this package, you will find the air frame. Remember, this only comes with the frame – it does not include the GPU, CPU, Fans, PSU, RAMs, Motherboards or any cables.  All of that will need to be purchased separately.


Key Points

What is pretty neat about this case would be the fact that it comes with some extra nuts and bolts. It is rare for a company to be so thoughtful to include extra nuts and bolts, and I really like it when they do.

The instructions are written in small print, but I found that they are easy to follow. Some people, however, may have some difficulty following the instructions and it may take some guesswork, but it’s really not all that complicated as long as you know what you’re doing.


If you’re looking for a good case to use, and you plan on buying the additional hardware yourself, then I believe this stackable open-air mining case is a reliable choice. It’s strong and durable and is capable of offering full protection for your electronic devices and graphics card. The widebody heat dissipation ensures that your hardware will stay cool. This means there will be plenty of room between the cards you install, so they aren’t going to run hot, even if you are mining 24/7. The stackable open-air design is great for any type of cryptocurrency mining such as Dogecoin, Litecoin, Earthcoin and so on. It is also perfect for Bitcoin ASICs. With all of those extra benefits in mind, I really don’t see why anyone that is looking for a good case wouldn’t go for this one. If you’re worried about purchasing the product only to find you don’t like it, that’s okay, because there is a one year warranty and a thirty-day return guarantee. This means you can try the product risk-free and return it for your money back.

Ledger Nano Wallet Review in 2018


As of right now, cryptocurrency is fairly new, but is something that so many investors already have their hands on. If you plan on taking part in the world of cryptocurrency, then you need to make sure you keep all of your coins safe. For this reason, we recommend choosing a wallet that you know you can count on. There are quite a few wallets that really stand out from the crowd, one of them being the Ledger Nano Wallet.

Ledger has a couple of other hardware wallets – the Ledger HW.1 and the Ledger Nano. The Ledger Nano is different from the Ledger HW.1 as it has a screen.


What is the Ledger Nano Wallet?

The Ledger Nano Wallet is a Bitcoin, Altcoins and Ethereum hardware wallet. It has robust safety features that ensure you are storing all of your cryptographic assets safety. It is capable of connecting to any computer via USB and has an OLED display so that you can confirm each transaction simply by tapping a button that is located on the side of the device.


Included in the box:

  • Lanyard, so you can wear the device around your neck
  • The Ledger Nano S (of course)
  • 1 micro-USB cable
  • One keychain
  • One key ring
  • Recovery sheet that you can use to write down seed



In terms of privacy, you don’t  have to worry about anything because your private keys will never be known by Ledger or a third party. With this device, your wallet will remain decentralized and you will be your own bank.


Pin Code

When you have the Ledger S in your grasp, you will need to create a PIN code on setup. By using a PIN code, you don’t have to worry about the loss of your coins if you were to misplace your device. This means that a stranger wouldn’t be able to come along and access your cryptocurrency, unless they knew your 4 digit PIN code. Of course, you may be worried about them guessing your PIN code, but that is where the fun comes into play …you see, if someone sits there and tries to guess the PIN code, after three incorrect guesses, the device will completely wipe itself – I personally find this really neat.


Offline Storage

When you store your Bitcoins and private keys on a computer that is always connected to the Internet, you will become a target for hackers (hackers look for this type of stuff). This device has offline storage, so you will be storing  your keys in an offline, secure environment. Really, storing your coins offline makes sense – when you use this hardware wallet, or any hardware wallet that stores your bitcoins offline for that matter, then you can rest with the satisfaction of knowing that they are out of reach from hackers.


Setting the Ledger Nano Up

Believe it or not, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to set up the Ledger Nano S. In fact, it is actually pretty easy. Starting off, simply plug the device into your computer and turn it on (you will need a micro-USB cable in order to do this). Once you have done this, you will need to create a four digit PIN code on the device’s screen. To choose the PIN code, simply slide the numbers higher or lower. You will be asked to repeat the process in order to confirm the coder. After you have the PIN code set up, you will need to write down the 24-word recovery phrase. The words will show up one at a time – to see the next word, click the right button. You will then be asked to confirm your seed – this is done by asking for two random words of your seed. After all of this is done, as long as you have the Ledger Chrome application installed on your computer, you will be able to access your wallet.



You see, when you own cryptocurrencies, it is important that you keep your information safe and confidential. By using the Nano S, your secrets like private keys are never going to be exposed and for added security, it’s all locked by a PIN code. You don’t have to worry about your transactions getting tampered with and you can physically verify them on the screen simply by pressing a button. All in all, the Ledger Nano S is a great wallet and I highly recommend it for those that are looking to store their coins.

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Gift Ideas


If you have a special person in your life that enjoys the world of Cryptocurrency, and you’re looking for a good gift for them, then look no further than items that are related to Cryptocurrency. I understand, if you’re the type of person that doesn’t know anything about Cryptocurrency, then buying a gift relating to it may be a bit complicated as you probably won’t know what you’re buying. There’s no need to worry, because I have went through and developed a list of great Bitcoin cryptocurrency gift ideas – these are all gifts that I feel an individual who has a hobby in Cryptocurrency would enjoy …


Bitcoin Coin Deluxe Collector’s Set

The Bitcoin Coin Deluxe Collector’s Set is one of the first gifts that popped in my mind. This contains the original collectors coins and it even comes with a nice acrylic coin protective cover so that you can keep your coins safe.

The measurements are as follows: Thickness: 33mm, Diameter 40mm, Weight 1.0 ounces.  It is about the size and the weight of a half dollar. It makes a great gift for a friend, co-worker or family member that is into Cryptocurrency.


Bitcoin T-Shirt

When I think about gifts for my friends, I immediately start to think about their hobby, and if they like sporting around special T-shirts, I then resort to buying them a nice T-shirt that fits in with their hobby. If you just so happen to have a friend like that, then I have a special T-shirt that they would enjoy. This T-shirt states “I am Satoshi Nakamoto.” For those of you that aren’t familiar with who Satoshi Nakamoto is, let me explain …

Satoshi Nakamoto is the name that is used by an unknown person (or people) that originally designed bitcoin.  They were also the first to solve the double-spending issue that was going on with digital currency. Satasho Nakamoto has a pretty neat story behind them, and if you’re into Cryptocurrency, I highly recommend you reading more about it.

Now, back to this T-shirt – it is 100% cotton, so it’s super comfortable. It has a slim fit, so if you’re looking for a looser fit, you should order a larger size.


Bitcoin Watch

We all have to tell time, so why not tell time in style? This Bitcoin watch would be a great hit for Cryptocurrency lovers that like to keep up with time. (Life is all about perfect timing, right?)

The watch is made from top of the line durable material. The surface is key scratch resistant glass and the watch band is general leather. It has an IP plating silver case and buckle. I personally like the stainless steel waterproof back cover.

This is the type of watch that can be worn anywhere due to the casual design. It does a great job at combining business and casual with unique simple quartz, and classic leather wristband.

Regardless, it would make a perfect gift for people of all walks of life, both men and women, that have a knack for Bitcoins.


Cryptocurrency T-Shirt

I’m going to leave you with another nice Cryptocurrency T-shirt that I feel would make a great gift – it’s made for women. This particular T-shirt is labeled “In Crypto We Trust,” and I can’t help to feel a bit of humor behind this one. Therefore, it’s great for those that not only love Cryptocurrency, but have a nice sense of humor in their bones.

Since this T-shirt is 100% cotton, you automatically know it’s going to be comfortable. As with the last T-shirt I told you about, this one also has a slim fit, so I recommend ordering a larger size if the individual likes wearing t-shirts that feel loose.



So there you have it – four great Bitcoin Cryptocurrency gift ideas to choose from. You have 2 T-shirts, a nice collectors set and a watch that you can buy as gifts. If you feel as if that individual is extra special in your life, then you might want to go ahead and purchase all of these gifts for them – it is definitely something they’re going to enjoy if they have a love for Cryptocurrency.

Best Books on Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin


Last year, in 2017, did you see the value of bitcoin climb of the ladder? It went from under $1,000 to around $20,000 at its highest peak. During this time, Cryptocurrency was plastered all over news channels and investors were able to rack up a market cap that went over $250 billion. The Cryptocurrency as a whole rocketed to the top, with new ICOs, coins, startups and modes of investment popping up on every corner.

If you have always wanted to get into Cryptocurrency, yet you don’t know where to start, here are some of the best books for you to read in order to learn about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain and everything in between.


Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies: A Comprehensive Introduction

If you’re looking for a comprehensive introduction to the world of digital currency, then “Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies: A Comprehensive Introduction” is a great book to read. Regardless of who you are, whether you’re a software developer, student, researcher in computer science or any of the above, this self-contained book will tell you everything you should know about cryptocurrency.

In this book, your answers like “How secure are bitcoins?” “How do Bitcoin and blockchain work?” and “How anonymous are their users?” will be answered. In all honesty, there are so many questions this book answers.

Mind you, it’s not all about Bitcoin. Topics include mining, decentralization, the politics of Bitcoin, the future of Bitcoin and much more.

Also, as a bonus, an accompanying website that includes instructional videos is given for each chapter, which I personally found pretty helpful.


Ethereum: Blockchains, Digital Assets, Smart Contracts, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

“Ethereum: Blockchains, Digital Assets, Smart Contracts, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations” is a book I recommend if you’re trying to learn about Ethereum. This book is centered around Ethereum and is aimed at helping the reader gain an understanding of blockchains in general.

You don’t  have to be a programmer or anything special in order to understand this book – the words are written in a manner that the normal person could understand. By reading it, you will be learning the basics  needed in order to cut through the hype and be able to identify blockchain opportunities.

First, you’ll start out by looking at the benefits nesting behind Ethereum, and how it is used and what can be done with it – then, the book moves forward to explain blockchain machinery.

I found the index pretty interesting – it reads like an FAQ and if you like, you can use the book like that. There is a strong build up with one chapter leading to the next.


Building Blockchain Projects: Building Decentralized Blockchain Applications with Ethereum and Solidity

For those of you that would really like to dig in and learn everything you need to know about Blockchain, then the book titled “Building Blockchain Projects: Building Decentralized Blockchain Applications with Ethereum and Solidity” would be a great read.

This book is for Javascript developers that are looking to create tamper-proof data applications using Ethereum and Blockchain. Those individuals that have an interest in cryptocurrencies and the logic and database empowering it will also find this book useful.

By reading this book, you will learn what Blockchain is, how to create real-world Blockchain projects by using Ethereum and how it maintains data integrity. By using real-world projects, you will learn how to write what is called smart contracts – these run as programmed, without censorship, third-party interference of a chance of fraud.

You’ll also be learning about concepts like cryptography in cryptocurrencies, mining smart contracts, ether security, solidity, various API services for Ethereum, web sockets, and so much more.


Cryptocurrency: Beginners Bible – How You Can Make Money Trading and Investing in Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Etherum and Altcoins

If you’re looking for a book on Cryptocurrency that would be great for beginners, then the book titled “Cryptocurrency: Beginners Bible – How You Can Make Money Trading and Investing in Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Altcoins” is a great choice.

In this book, you’ll discover the step by step process you should take to buy, sell and profit from cryptocurrency – even if you don’t know the different between Bitcoin and Blockchain.

The cryptocurrency beginners bible covers topics like: How to safely store your cryptocurrency after you’ve purchase it, how you can buy Ethereum, Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies, the fundamentals behind the technology that backs up cryptocurrence, how to get your information regarding cryptocurrency and so much more.

Cryptocurrency involves investment, and where there are investments, there are certain risks. This book will help you stay informed and armed with the knowledge you need in order to lower those risks.



If you feel the need, and would like to know everything regarding to cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Blockchain and Ethereum, you could get all of these books. If you’re completely new to the world of cryptocurrency, I suggest going for the Cryptocurrency: Beginners Bible first, then move up the list from there.

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